Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ready for Something New

Hello World,

For those of you who are just tuning in, I graduate in May. I'm beyond excited! Four years of college will be complete and sealed with a degree. I have new horizons in sight. I decided to start a new place for sharing my adventures and aspirations.

So far, I've considered a few different paths. Here they are:

Option 1: Language and Culture Ambassador program in Spain. Eight months to two years assisting English classes in Spanish schools. The typical term is 8 months. It can be renewed for a second school year. 15 hours of work a week, livable stipend, the rest of the time spent on exploring Spain and/or the rest of Europe.

Option 2: Teach ESL in Latin America. I need a certification for this that I don't yet have. However, my current training is excellent background for this type of job. It would likely be full time and in a large town in South America.

Option 3: Teach on military bases abroad.

Option 4: Teach somewhere in the States.

Option 5: Run away with the circus.

Option 1 is the only one I've applied for thus far. It opened up about two weeks ago, and I've been checking the site daily to see if my paperwork has been processed. I like this idea the most because it gives me a year or two to live in a Spanish speaking country, time to explore Europe (and possibly part of Africa). It's a way to become better qualified to teach Spanish, while allowing me to go on an adventure. Furthermore, I'm not sure that the other options are in order of what I want most.

Here's to a new adventure. Who knows where I'll be this fall??

... but, really, you can call me Kirt ♥

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