Saturday, September 21, 2013

Traveling Woes: Why I Hate Expedia

We're about to play the good news/bad news game. The only hiccup is that I can't tell you one or the other all at once.

The bad news: I received an email from Expedia around midnight on Sunday/Monday. It said there was a problem with my flight home for Christmas and to call them ASAP.

More bad news: I can't call Expedia Spain. I have to call a US number to discuss the problem.

Some good news: My sister volunteered to call and check things out for me.

More bad news: My flight schedule had a major conflict. The "best they could do" was schedule me for the next day.

The worst news: That next day is the day I lost my mom. I had a mental/emotional breakdown for about 3 hours that night. I couldn't imagine being abroad/on a plane on that day.

Some good news: My wonderful family is persistent. Suzy called. They offered a same day flight with different connections.

Some bad news: I had to confirm the details.

Some good news: The other language assistant at my school told me I can call toll free US numbers from Skype!

Some bad news: I spent 2 hours on hold/talking with Expedia. They tried to offer me a flight in which I would miss my connection to STL without a doubt. I had to point this out to the agent. He agreed and asked me to hold again. Like I have a choice.

Some more bad news: I got disconnected.

It gets worse: Once I got reconnected, they offered a flight that the airline wouldn't let me on (there were no economy seats left).

Some hope: Expedia finally transfers me to US Airways to talk with them directly.

You've-got-to-be-kidding-me bad news: US Airways offers the next day option as their "best offer."

Cue the genuine tears of an oncoming breakdown. 

Some good news: After explaining why I absolutely needed to be home before the 22nd, and offering to send proof, the airline agent proved that she did indeed have a heart. 

The best news: After almost a week of back and forth, followed by two hours of disappointments and holding, I finally got a flight home. I'm leaving a day earlier than originally planned. I'm excited to get an extra day home!

In short, I doubt I'll ever book with Expedia again. Their customer service was terrible, hard to understand, and somewhat rude. The airline was swift to get me re-booked for my needs, so they have been forgiven for screwing up the schedule. 

Maybe my nightmares about not having a flight home will stop now. I don't know if I've ever been so relieved.


Dear Expedia,
I could barely hear my agent over the sound of all the other agents in the background. Furthermore, as a language learner myself, I understand the challenges in communicating in a second language. However, if your job depends on courteous communication, please have better linguistic skills. Learn new phrases. Also, a "please" or using intonation in your voice would have helped. Don't ever send me an email in the middle of the night telling me to contact YOU while you know that I'm in another country (I booked my flight here with you, remember?). Please offer some sort of apology when I explain my mental breakdown/issues with leaving a day late. You and I are not on good terms, Expedia. I'm watching you.
With a bit of a grudge,
Miss Wyatt 
You may NOT call me Kirstyn, much less Kirt. Dadgumit. 

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