Monday, October 28, 2013

Here Comes Halloween!

¡Hola desde Madrid!

This past week has been pretty normal. Well, as normal as it gets for a Southern lady living in Madrid, Spain... But, hey, life is becoming normal.

This weekend wasn't my favorite. I had class from 10-7. It was pretty painful. I'd show you my notes, but they're mostly a bunch of doodles of turkeys and ghosts.

In more exciting news, it's the week of Halloween! That's a big deal in primary school! This week, we're watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." We're also talking about Halloween words (pumpkin, ghost, witch, candy, etc...). The entire school is decorated for Halloween.

All primary classes had to make Halloween posters. They're all over the school!

I'm not sure what's up with this skeleton, but here he is.

The school has been transformed!

 Later this week, they're having a Halloween party. They asked me about American Halloween traditions. They want me to say something at the party. I'm not sure exactly what, but I agreed to it!

This is how I plan to look on Halloween:
You better believe I sang and danced around to "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" after trying on my pirate ensemble.

The pre-K kids have pirate based curriculum. Also, I'm going to a pirate party after the school party. The combination of the two = Captain Kirt.

Tonight, the girls and I made Jack O'lanterns! They had never made them before. I have hilarious photos of them putting their hands in the pumpkins. They aren't my kids, or I'd post the photos. They absolutely loved it! My host mom was so excited that they were carving pumpkins (side note: I did not give a knife to two young children. I gave them spoons and a marker. I did the knife work). I don't have a photo... my hands were covered in pumpkin goop.

I discovered that I should have been roasting the pumpkin seeds all these years!

So tasty! The oldest girl absolutely loved them.

Halloween festivities have begun aquí en España. I'll probably give you an update again later this week!

Kirt ♥

PS I started Christmas shopping last week. I have purchased six gifts since Thursday. I call that productivity!

PPS My grandparents sent me a package. It got all the way to Spain, and then sent back to Arkansas. Somehow, the address got worn off. Why they didn't check the customs papers, I don't know. But it's making its way back across the ocean this week! 
Good job, Correos. My address is on the customs forms. Better send it back to the USA! 

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