Friday, January 24, 2014

Just a Few Thoughts

Hello again!

I've done a lot of reflection lately. Here's a brief summary of it. Enjoy.

The last time I was in Jonesboro, things were different than I expected. I was home, but it wasn't the same. I saw my hometown from the perspective of someone who had gone far away (if for only a few months). I returned to the same smiling faces, the same warmth of family, the same incredible friends, the same amazing food. However, it was brief. It was fleeting. It seemed as though I cupped my hands full of water, and before my thirst was satisfied, all the water had escaped my make-shift glass.

I dreamed of staying longer. I got weepy about leaving.

On the other hand, after a few weeks away, I fell back in love with being abroad. The realization that I'm not in my homeland is a daily dose of adventure for better and for worse.

With all that said, I'm no closer to deciding what I want to do after this school year. I guess I'll make the decisions as they come. I'm hopeful about two or three options. I'm confident in myself.

I've written and rewritten several posts about what I might want to do, but honestly, I don't think it helps me to speculate. However, if you're curious, I'll copy and paste what I've written about it to you in an email.

Fun Facts:

1. The lady who helped me choose makeup kept saying "pale" over and over. Since getting home, I think the powder I got is too dark. Anyone who would like to send me some powder from the USA is welcome to do so. Please. I'll pay you.

2. I'm already out of jalapeƱo chips. Brothers: this would be a great " we've missed you, sister" gift in March.

3. School has been going great. I made one huge error with my schedule earlier this week, but it's all good.

4. I've been on a Broadway/Disney kick lately.

5. I invested in wireless headphones. They were delivered to me in less than 24 hours. I can't believe I've gone so long using wires.

6. I miss having a TV in my room.

7. The weather is fabulous today. I'm wearing a hoodie and jeans.

8. This week on Southern food Friday, I made rice and gravy. There are way too many cuts of beef available here. I had to break out Google Translate for a few of them. I really just wanted ground beef (there were about 15 options, geez).

9. I'll be in Portugal this time next week!!!

10. I don't think I usually space these out so much. Maybe I do.

11. I'm finishing up a budget for the rest of my time here. I feel grown up.

12. My vocational students created restaurants for a project. One group made me and the main professor the owners and named all the dishes after other instructors. It's up on our English corner in the school. They're so creative!

13. I love seeing what students will do when they have room for creativity.

That's about all I've got for now. Hope all is well with you, friend.


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