Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Adventure Awaits

I know everyone has different ideas of adventure, and I try to keep a positive outlook when it comes to adventure. I seek it. I daydream about it. I act on it. 

Since returning from Spain at the end of June, I've made it my mission to go to different places within driving distance for me. I've gone to Dallas, Fayetteville, Atlanta, St Louis, a cavern, Memphis, an Andy Grammer concert, new stores, new restaurants in my town, small towns I've never explored, and a few other places I'm sure I'm missing.

I say all that to say I'm getting nervous. Well, that will make sense to Spanish speakers. I guess I'm more antsy than nervous to English speakers. 

I have less than 20 days until my next big trip, but because of the cost of this trip, I haven't traveled since December. By the time we leave, It will have been nearly three months since I've gone on a trip. 

I never realized my intense need for exploring until this moment. The anticipation of moving to Spain wasn't even this extreme. I want to get out and go somewhere new. I don't care where, when, how, etc... I just want to get out and go somewhere. This is going to be killer if I'm stuck in my apartment for a few days with the winter weather. 

Two and half weeks. I can and will survive. 

After all, adventure awaits ;)

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