Monday, July 29, 2013

I got my visa!

My passport with my approved visado came in the mail last week!! I'm beyond thrilled to have it ready to go.

I can hardly believe I only have a month until moving abroad. The beautiful Madrid awaits! I'm moving from a city with 120k in the greater area to a city with 6.5 million in its greater area. Hello, culture shock, me llamo Kirstyn. I can hardly wait.

Speaking of culture shock, I can hardly imagine living in a country where the primary language isn't English. In the US, it's all about English. You don't speak it? Sorry, kid. Tough luck. The majority of people I meet here aren't interested in learning another language at all. It baffles me. In my opinion, it just shows how egocentric the country is. But, hey, it's home.

I hope you can follow my train of thought. I don't organize my thoughts very well. I'm an ENFP

For those of you who are not of my personality type, please be aware that I trailed off into 15 webpages between that last link and this sentence. Focus is not my strength in writing. And if we're being entirely honest, writing is not my strongest skill. It goes back to my lack of focus. I'd have to write an outline and all kinds of things for this to actually flow.

But, back to my point:
I want to fill my last few weeks at home with all my favorite things: friends, family, my favorite sushi, rock climbing, teaching, socializing, and driving. I have a feeling I'm going to miss driving down the open road with the windows down on a cool summer night (well, as cool as it gets in good 'ole Arkansas).

A month from right now I'll be somewhere over the Atlantic (add a few hours and I'll be in Madrid!).

So, it is with a lot of sleepiness (today was busy!!!) that I bid you adieu.


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