Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Testing... Testing... Testing 123

You know what's really fun?

(Please note this dramatic pause [I really want to you guess])

Heeeeeeeeey there. Okay. STOP. No more guessing.

You didn't guess, did you?! Fine. Go... just go. Go on now... Get out of my house, er... blog.

You rebel. I like you. You can stay. ;)

Back to the point! What's really fun is filling one suitcase with essentials for life and putting everything else you own into 7-8 boxes in storage.

I decided to test myself this month. Last week, I put what I need in a suitcase. Anything that I deemed worthy of keeping in storage went in plastic tubs. My parents oh-so-graciously allowed me to store them in their attic (Serious shout out to my dad for getting them up there! I really only carried one or two. He's incredible!).

So far, it's going well. I realized that I don't have any warm weather dressy tops (even in storage... I guess I donated them at some point?). I also found that I can fit my entire essential wardrobe in two space bags. I have one midsize plastic tub of other clothes (formal dress, winter coats, semi-formal dress, etc...).

Bare minimum living for the win!

Also, if you visit my home in the next few weeks, please excuse my total mess of a floor. I'm still debating some of the things I might take.

I guess that's all for now. I wish you the best, friend.

but you can call me Kirt ♥

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