Monday, September 2, 2013

Another day, another adventure

Hello again, world!

You're about to hear the tale of a lost Kirt.

Today, I left the apartment around 2. Yes. 2. According to google maps, my journey should have taken 35 minutes each way (walking). I did the smart thing and took screen shots of the route (still without a cell phone... stay tuned for that one). I did alright for the first bit. When it came down to 60 feet here and 150 feet there, it got incredibly confusing. I ended up walking in a huge circle for about a mile. When I finally arrived at my destination, it was closed. 

My accent changes based on my mood and who I'm around. Turns out, it gets really southern when I'm angry.  I'm pretty sure it would have taken a native Arkansan or Texan to understand the words of frustration coming out of my mouth.

So, in my southern hissy fit, I marched myself back to the apartment.

That trip took about 2.5 hours.

Someone did ask me if there was a grocery store nearby while I was lost. Apparently I looked somewhat knowledgeable.

The purpose of the journey was to get a SIM card so that I finally had a cell phone. Yep... no cell phone.

I was going to go to the mall after that, but I was tired and frazzled. I decided to rest for a bit instead.

My adventure tonight was a lot better! I just had to get to Plaza Mayor to find a bar to meet some other BEDA people. It was easy enough to find. I wrote down the metro station connections and was just fine.

I bought this little Moleskine in Jonesboro. It has a map of the city and the metro among other helpful things. Most useful thing I've utilized thus far. 

I was so excited to speak to people in English! If y'all happen to read this, it was great to meet you!

Some quick observations:

  • The people here are beautiful. 
  • Beer and wine are the same price or cheaper than sodas
  • I look approachable, knowledgeable, and like I speak English
    • Someone stopped me in the metro to ask how to get to their station 
      • This was my first time on the metro... 
  • People are super helpful in the metro. 
  • I have a lovely sunburn from spending so much time at the pool and only using SPF 30
    • I have SPF 50+ now. 
      • I don't know how much "plus" means. But I hope my skin doesn't fry next time... 

I'm meeting with the director of my main school tomorrow. I hope all goes well. If I have time afterwards, I'm going to go check out the rock wall a few stops down. 

Maybe I'll get a phone tomorrow. This living in the 90's stuff is for the birds.


Unless someone asks for my name for an order at the restaurant, in which case, you can call me Sara ♥

xoxo, Kirt


  1. Well, I posted like a 3 paragraph comment of encouragement but my internet went out and erased it all so I will simply say it gets better.

  2. Oh no! I appreciate the encouragement especially since you had to battle the Internet to give it. :D