Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fun facts for today!

Fun facts of the day:

  1. So many people have told me to watch my backpack when I carry it. I am now considering getting luggage locks for the zippers. Call me paranoid, but I cherish my climbing gear and yoga cutoffs
  2. I think I look foreign. Either that or I had something on my face all day. 
  3. I feel like I have "Americana" stamped on my forehead.
  4. "European shoulder bag" is totally a thing.
  5. I think I'm terrible at the "gay or European" game (see number 4). 
  6. I jot down things to remember through the day. One of them reads, "Note to self: (aren't they all? [who are you going to give this to, chica?])." I have also called myself "stupid" a few times in my notes. My self esteem is pretty stable though. No worries.
  7. Getting lost = getting acquainted with Madrid. 
  8. I don't think they sell Mtn Dew here. I've yet to see it. Of more importance, its calorie-free-better-tasting friend Diet Mtn Dew.
  9. It took me 3 attempts on three different days (you were supposed to say that numeral in Spanish... go back and read this again the right way). 
  10. I think I'm in love with the Chamartín metro station. Yes. It's possible to be in love with a metro station. If you've never been down there, go. It's stunning. I really wanted to just sit there and stare. I'm easily enchanted by twinkling lights.
    There are little lights making this look like an illuminated waterfall. It's gorgeous. 

  11. There's a stuffed animal dog under my desk. I keep kicking it on accident. I then freak out thinking I've kicked Maddie. I then realize that she's 5000 miles away.
  12. The metro signs teach you how to dance
     Dance like this. For ensembles, use this formation (I think the center person should have low jazz hands)
Enjoy today's observations of la vida Madrileña. I'm having a difficult time remembering words. Goodnight, friends.


...but you can call me on my cell phone now!!! xoxo, Kirt    

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