Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sorry for my Silence

I just left the airport.

Well... by "just left," I mean, I just mentally left after physically leaving hours ago.

Part of my family came to visit me in Madrid this week. Here's our week in photos.

They must have been the very last people off the plane. I eagerly stood at the luggage pickup awaiting their arrival. They finally made it!

They came bearing gifts.

Some Spanish fast food at 100 Montaditos

Kyle created his own bed despite having a place to sleep.

We did a quick visit of Sol and Plaza Mayor. We had to get a pic at Km 0

I was still in shock that they were with me in Sol!

It was raining on Monday. Atocha and Reina Sofia!

Kyle has a ton of "this is art" photos. Goof. 

He acquired a taste for Coke from a wine glass.

We went to see the Real Madrid Stadium on Wednesday. 

The others went for coffee while we toured the futbol stadium.

Thursday was sunny! It was a perfect day to go to Retiro. 

Carson isn't shy!

We also walked up through the heart of Madrid. This is Puerta de Alcala

Carson was tall enough to block the gardeners out of the photo. 

The boys at the building whose identity always escapes me

Mama met some Red Cross volunteers in Sol. 

We visited Egypt (Temple of Debod)

We went by Moncloa

Thursday night was a special treat! We went to see the ASU Choir at a cathedral down the street.

Kyle said he'd take a photo with me, but he wouldn't smile. That worked out for him ;)

We visited Plaza Mayor (and didn't have a relaxing cup of café con leche there, sorry!])

It isn't an official trip to Madrid without a picture with the official symbol of Madrid. 

I have a more photos and a million memories, but here's a taste of what our week was like. We did so much in the week they were here. I can't wait to see them again in June!!!

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